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More than you ever wanted to know about Ron Wiggins!

My Family
That's me (front left) with my brothers.

Treading water in my gene pool. Me, front left; my brother Steve front right; my brothers, Patrick on top right, and next Mick; in between Steve and Patrick we have Stephane, Patrick's bride; Mick's daughter Katie with baby Honey, and husband Travis Short on top left. Photo taken at Heifer Project property north of Little Rock. That rusted VW Bug is actually a planter.

And just so you don't confuse me with all the other Ron Wiggins, I am:

   Faster than a speeding mullet.

   68 years old, warranty expired.

   After 30+ years writing for The Palm Beach Post, I am retired  and tutoring 5th graders in reading at Wynnebrook Elementary where I have enjoyed great success as a distraction and breeder of chaos.

   Still putting off my lifelong dream of riding a Vespa motor scooter cross country until I have lived long enough.

Planning several new Funny Books including:

   Cheap Thrills!

   I Left My Lard in San Francisco Weight Loss Plan.

   The Iowans are Just Too Darn Nice Joke Book- The world's first collection of positive stereotype humor.

   Florida Adventuring with Ron Wiggins- includes: "Total Immersion Canoeing on the Wekiva River" and "I was Gang-Ignored by the Phlegmatic Manatees of the Homassassa, but I Petted Them Whether They Liked it or Not".

Ron Wiggins On Assignment
Ron Wiggins on assignment.

Remember those mean girls from 8th grade who started "slam books"? They grow up to be mean mud wrestlers. I ought to know. They beat me up, pinned me to the mat, and then gave me noogies. I got even by bleeding in their mud.